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Studying art and my day.

Studying art and my day. Guiding the eye
Everyday I am studying and reading about all kinds of things. Yesterday I wrote about colors and the importance of light. So today I will write a bit about light.
I watched Eraserhead once again and this still is one of my favorite movies. Not only because it is a great weird story nobody seem to understand but also because every shot is beautifully taken. That is why I took a movie still from this master piece of David Lynch.

Andrew Loomis called this the Big Tone Approach. It sounds easy but it is not that easy as I first expected it to be.
First of all I had to find the light source. In this case there are two. The one in the back, the lamp, and there is one you can't see. This one is behind the viewer and shines from the left/front of the scene. This source is less bright then the one behind. Or most likely more remote. Now I found the light sources we can find the shadows and see why they are where they are. In between the highlight an…

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