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Artists, creativity and monsters

The sane, The insane and the artist.You probably read some things about how creativity and madness are very close together. Same thing with brilliance and madness, the mad scientist. A while ago I read an article explaining murderers, especially serial killers, are one of the most creative and intelligent persons alive (or now dead). You have to get rid of the body and think up a good story to cover all of this up. A movie that covers this up is "A film with me in it".  A very dark comedy where everything happens you fear. The main characters had to think up a story to cover their alibi without being guilty of the crime. You will be amazed by how creative they appear to be in the end!
This week I wanted to talk about an artist who stept over the line of sanity and walked down in complete madness. Please continue reading, I am not going to talk about another tormented artist who struggles with his or her feelings, depression or alcohol. Today you can read about the art of some…

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