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Explaining my social media failure.

Good evening, morning or night because the middle of the day sucks anyway. Again I didn't post anything over here for way too long. Yes I have to admit, I lost my focus because of the whole Social media thing. That is why I have to say sorry to all of you. You only got a shattered random idea of things I was thinking or working on at that certain time. So let me talk a bit about what I am planning to do and how I am going to change things for me since I have a whole other opinion about this all than what is offered to you artists.

Listen to my wisdom people! Put on your helmet because it is going to be a bumpy ride.
What social media actually does. You are not a user of Facebook and/or Instagram if you haven't noticed the new algorithm. Things are changing and not in a good way for the less popular artists among us.
I don't really know how the algorithm really works but globally it is like when you have a lot of following and likes and engagement you will stay on top since…

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